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Weekly Food Demonstration And Daily Samples

We constantly hear customers asking us, 'How does this taste like? How is it similar compared to a certain American dish?' Well, puzzles solved. As many of you might have known through liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, we often do weekend Food Demo and Sampling at our store! We do our best to educate our customers who're new to the product and also give them a chance to try the product. That way they can compare Chinese Wonton with Italian Ravioli or Japanese Dorayaki with French Brioche!

As we've mentioned before the ever-changing United Noodles is bringing you more ways to stay connected and save! Don't forget to check on our weekly events and save! That way you can learn a trick or two to how to cook these items and impress your friends and family!

Serving the community for almost 40 years, United Noodles is an Asian supermarket that carries over 8,000 items from over 15 countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

In our store, you will always find the freshest, highest quality meat, seafood and produce. You will also find delicious BBQ pork, and an excellent assortment of Asian snacks, candies and beverages along with unique ice creams and bakeries. We also have a complete section of kitchenware, gifts, and daily newspapers.

Visit us today at our spacious 15,000 square foot store as we are geared to provide you with a "True Taste of Asia" at its best!

Minnesota's Hidden Treasure Had a Facelift!

After all the talk about hearing us on MN Public Radio, now we're back to business! Did you know that a Japanese chef just recently joined our family? Yes, that means more Japanese items on the menu! We've recently added Nabe Yaki Udon, Gyu Don and Age Dashi Tofu to the menu and my golly, what it hit amongst our customers?

Here at the deli, to spice things up, we have Weekend Special Menu customers to not only try but also give us feedback. That way we know which item to set as permanent menu. So don't be hesitant if something doesn't taste right or if it does taste right! We're here to serve great food and service to our customers but first we need your help.

Hey, don't leave out our very own traditional Roast Pork and infamous Tea Eggs, made fresh EVERYDAY! Also not to miss our homemade Sticky Rice Dumplings and Savory Dish! Have them here at the deli or grab them to go for your house party or dinner to go.

Come check us out the next time you stop by for grocery shopping. Our deli motto 'Try first before you buy' gives you a chance to taste it before deciding which dish you like best for the day. By all means, bring them all home if you want!

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